Choir parts

A group that sings together is called a choir. If you do this with instrumental accompaniment, you talk about choir and if you sing without instrumental accompaniment, you sing acappella.

Voice types

Each voice fits into the following voice type:

  • Soprano: that is a high female voice

  • Alto: that's a low female voice

  • Tenor: that is a high male voice

  • Bass: that's a low male voice.

Between Soprano and Alto you’ll sometimes see ‘Mezzo’ , a low Soprano. Between Tenor and Bass you will also come across the ’Baritone’, a high bass.

You also can split each voice group into 1 and 2, where the number 1 represents the highest part.

Voice types and choir rehearsals

When rehearsing a new arrangement, all voice types stand together: sopranos with the sopranos, altos with the altos, etc. The number of men is often slightly fewer than the number of women: place the tenors and basses in the middle of your choir.

Once an arrangement is well known, you can start blending, for example like this:

Number each singer of a vocal type into 1 or 2 and let all number 1 singers stand together... etc..

You will notice that this is more difficult to sing (you can’t rely on your neighbour voice type) , but also much more beautiful because you will get a better idea of ​​the overall picture... you will listen better while singing. This also improves your intonation.

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