Frequently Asked Questions

How are the costs determined?

ChorusOnline works 100% legally: we pay a substantial part of the price as royalty. A choir member pays a small amount for an arrangement, which is comparable to one/a few cups of coffee (depending on group size and title). You will receive an arrangement that you will enjoy for weeks while practicing and for years during performance. The artist and the ChorusOnline team receive a fair compensation that makes it possible to continue delivering beautiful choral arrangements.

Strange arrows in my sheet music

When you open the PDF file on your screen you will see that your received materials are 100% okay. This means that there must be something wrong with your printer or software.
The problem is quite easy to solve.

1. Your printer is a bit outdated.
Our PDF packages are extensive and a printer must have a certain amount of memory. You can solve this problem by splitting the file into separate PDF files: For example, by creating a separate “vocals PDF”:
- Open the PDF package
- Give the print command
- Select Adobe PDF as the printer
- Select the pages that correspond to the vocals (see the index)
- Save this new small file as “vocals-title”
- Print “vocals title” or send it to your choir members

2. Your Adobe PDF program is outdated.
Click here to download the latest version of Adobe PDF for free

I have received and downloaded my order, but I cannot open the file. What can I do?

To view PDF files you need the Adobe PDF Reader program. This program can be downloaded for free here.

I bought an arrangement from ChorusOnline: What is allowed, what is not allowed?

What is allowed?
The arrangement may be printed for the number of users paid for (indicated in the watermark on the sheet music) and only by the rightful owner. During an inspection, original copies must be possessed at all times. A print is considered an original copy. The choir's administration must also be able to show the invoice/order confirmation.

What is not allowed ?
An arrangement may never be copied! An Anti-Copy Label is automatically entered in the arrangement; this label is designed so that it will discolour when making a copy.