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Are you a member of an a cappella group or a choir? Then great sheet music is of course essential. The level of a choir is restricted to the beauty of an arrangement. ChorusOnline offers a wide range of choir sheet music online. We also have special arrangements for choirs and a cappella arrangements. Find your all time favorites in our shop and order your choir sheet music immediately! 

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Online sheet music for acappella groups

We offer a wide range of online sheet music for vocal groups. Whether your vocal group consists of merely men, merely woman or a mix of both… that doesn’t matter at ChorusOnline! Because we offer sheet music for all types of vocal groups. In addition, it makes no difference whether you just sing or whether you play the instruments yourself. You will find all kinds of sheet music for vocal groups in our catalogue.

Choir sheet music online

In addition to sheet music for acappella groups, we also offer online sheet music for choirs. Are you in a rock choir, pop choir, jazz choir, school choir, ladies choir, male choir, mixed choir or in an a cappella choir? We also have sheet music for all these choirs and genres! View our full range of sheet music and choose the sheet music that fits your choir best! 

Many styles of choral sheet music

Get well prepared with your favorite music. What’s your favorite style? Discover our wide selections of styles. Hundreds of titles are waiting for your choir! With us you will find sheet music for all kinds of choirs, including:


  • Ladies choir

  • Male choir

  • Rock choir

  • Pop choir

  • Singing ensemble

  • Jazz choir

  • Disco choir

  • Gospel choir

  • Swing choir

  • Latin choir

  • Soul coir

  • X-mas shows

  • Musical shows

  • Other types of choirs

Get yours and filter in our selection of arrangements. Find it out here!

Choir sheet music in various themes

Each choir has its own preference in terms of themes and style of arrangements. The time of year also plays a major role. For example, in December choirs need our best Christmas choir sheet music. That’s the reason that we, at ChorusOnline, offer various styles, so there is always an arrangement that fits what your choir is looking for to convey the audience. From rock to disco and from latin to medleys.

When your used to singing and performings songs from a certain theme, it can be kind of a challenge to see what the other themes offer. Just give it a try! Perhaps, for example, taking a look at a different theme offers you new opportunities to try our musical arrangements. The possibilities are endless and that is precisely what makes music so much fun and varied! Expand your choir sheet music repertoire with arrangements from different themes.

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Our music sheets will help you to keep your repertoire fresh and up-to-date. Isn't it wonderful to spread the word of music around the world? With the choice for ChorusOnline you will be sure of the next benefits:

  • We sell only legal arrangements and have clear agreements about arranging and selling arrangements.

  • Thanks to our professional arrangers, the quality of our PDF-mp3-packages are fully guaranteed.

  • The specially developed web shop allows one-touch click to choose an arrangement. You pay securely via internet and download your file (automatically sent to your email address) within 2 minutes.

  • Get your free try-out arrangement

So, how do I purchase choir sheet music online?

Purchasing sheet music is fairly easy. You order the sheet music you want, and after safe payment we ensure that the sheet music appears in your mailbox within no-time. Are you looking for choir sheet music, but your song is not listed? Let us know! We are constantly updating are repertoire. Would like to know more? Contact ChorusOnline!

We hope your joys will be fulfilled by supporting our work. Happy singing!

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