Choir arrangements

Are you looking for choir arrangements that you can rehearse with your choir? ChorusOnline has the biggest range of choir arrangements with a choice of at least 1.850 different arrangements. Make a choice out of our arrangement database by refining your search. You already have a choir arrangement from € 40,-!

Choir arrangements for every choir

ChorusOnline has a suitable arrangement for every choir. You can easily filter your search based on choir type, style of song, the level and the pace. You can even filter arrangements based on language. In addition to Dutch and English, we also have German arrangements. And for choirs that like mediterranean songs we have Italian, Spanish and Portuguese choir arrangements.

Choir arrangements with MP3 files

MP3 files are included, if you order a choir arrangement at ChorusOnline. In this way it is easier to rehearse the choir arrangement, because you hear how the arrangement should sound like in the first place. The arrangement also contains various PDF files including other vocals, a lead sheet and individual parts. For the individual parts you can think of a piano part or a synthesizer part. Furthermore the PDF/MP3 package consists of a recording of a professional orchestral band.

Ordering choir arrangements

If you made a choice of ordering one or more choir arrangements, you place them easily and quickly in your basket via the purple button “add to basket”. Once you placed them in the basket you can indicate the number of choir members per chosen item; based on the number of choir members, the final price of your order will be determined. After filling in your (paying) details and paying (with IDEAL, Mastercard, VISA or PayPal) you’ll receive your files of the choir arrangements directly in your mailbox. You will be able to start rehearsing immediately after you purchase an choir arrangement.

Choir arrangements via ChorusOnline

You order choir arrangements at ChorusOnline, because:

  • ..we always have an arrangement for every type of choir within our assortment

  • ..every arrangement is 100% legal. We make arrangements with and receive permission from the entitled party to put together an arrangement.

  • will have a choir arrangement directly in your mailbox after you’ve ordered it. Did you know that our arrangements get an average customer rating of 9.5?

Questions about choir arrangements of ChorusOnline?

Do you have questions about our range or would you like to know more about one of our choral arrangements? Please contact us via our contact form on the website or send an email to You can also call us via: +316 - 4157 7756.