Choral music

Are you looking for choral music for your choir? ChorusOnline offers a wide range of choral music online. We also have special arrangements for choirs and a cappella arrangements. Find your all time favorites in our shop and order your choir sheet music immediately! 

Choral music for different voices

ChorusOnline has a wide variety of sheet music for choirs. Do you or are you part of a pop choir, jazz choir, rock choir, mixed choir, a choir with only women or just men? We have sheet music available for every choir composition. The choir music is available in PDF form, but also in MP3 form and vocal tracks. The vocal tracks are sung by our professionals.

Choral music in every style

The days when choirs only played songs from a Christian background are long gone. ChorusOnline allows your choir to perform your favorite music for your choir. Your music style can vary from rock to pop and jazz. ChorusOnline also has choral music available for gospel choirs and soul choirs. There is also a wide choice of choir music for the Christmas period.

Challenge your choir

We have categorized all our packages and divided them based on difficulty. With a starting choir, it is recommended to choose choir music that is labeled as easy or very easy. You actually go a step further. An example of an arrangement of an average level is Clocks from Coldplay. Do you have a choir with a lot of singing experience or are you part of a large choir with many experienced singers? Then challenge your choir and yourself with an arrangement from the category 'difficult'.

Chorus music from ChorusOnline

You can purchase choir music through ChorusOnline because..:

  • the purchase of an arrangement via our webshop is arranged within a few clicks. You will have your arrangement within 5 minutes.

  • we have made clear agreements with almost every record company about the choral music.

  • we have a team of experienced, professional arrangers who have carefully composed the arrangements (PDFs and MP3s). Quality is our priority!

  • we adjust arrangements from our catalog to your situation.

Order choral music at ChorusOnline

Buying choir music is quite simple. You order the sheet music you want, and after payment we ensure that the sheet music appears in your mailbox within a short time. Are you looking for sheet music, but your song is not listed? Let us know! We continuously update our repertoire. Knowing more? Contact ChorusOnline!

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