SATB sheet music

Are you looking for SATB sheet music? ChorusOnline can give you the best sheet music of choir songs in all kinds of themes & styles: like pop, rock and jazz. Are you in an acappella men choir? Or in a mixed choir? For each choir we have a great selection of contemporary SATB sheet music arrangements.

What does SATB music mean?

SATB is a frequent abbreviation for soprano, (contr)alto, tenor, bass, referring to a common scoring for choruses and choirs. Pieces written for this combination can either be sung by choruses of mixed genders, or by choirs using a combination of men and boys, or by four soloists.

Shop sheet music for your SATB choir

So, where can you find the right SATB choral music for your vocal group or choir? Well, first visit all of our arrangements. On the left, you can let us know about your wishes. Is your choir mixed or does it only consists of men? Choose the right ‘voice’ to select arrangements for your SATB choir. Also choose the right style, the difficulty level, the language and the tempo you like the most.

For example: you have an acappella men choir that’s looking for pop songs in English with an average level and medium tempo. The shop automatically selects the best arrangements for your SATB choir! Next, choose your favorite and download it within 2 minutes. You will receive a new arrangement (a high quality PDF-mp3 package) in your inbox within a few moments.

Adjusting sheet music for SATB choirs?

Is it possible to adjust a certain arrangement of sheet music in our catalogue, especially for your SATB choir? Yes, we can! If you’d like an additional soprano part, or if you don’t want a bass part, or if you’d like additional brass, or… we can endlessly continue on like that. Our special wishes for SATB sheet music can be sent to You can also tell us by phone: 0013(0)6-415-777-56. After we know more about your wishes, we can discuss the possibilities and costs.

SATB Choir: 2.000 sheet music arrangements

ChorusOnline offers nearly 2.000 arrangements, among which SATB sheet music for choirs. You can use the filter on the page Arrangements to select the best arrangements for your SATB choir. Some of our most popular artists in SATB music are Adele, Michael Jackson, Queen, Ed Sheeran and Avicii. 

We recommend you to mix uptempo, midtempo and downtempo songs for the concert of your SATB choir. As a variation you can use a so called ‘MEDLEY’. In a MEDLEY multiple pieces are strung together. A good example is the Michael Jackson MEDLEY with the best of Michael Jackson in one arrangement, like the hit songs Smooth Criminal, Thriller and Billie Jean.

Do you have a question about our SATB sheet music for choirs? Please let us know! Our professional arrangers will tell you everything they know about SATB choral music. You can also check the reviews for comments from our customers.