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Are you searching for sheet music for your jazz choir? Take a look at the catalogue of ChorusOnline! We offer more than 1,300 music arrangements for choirs in different music styles, including jazz.

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Why jazz music for your choir?

The nice thing about jazz music for choirs is that a lot of improvisation is possible. Every jazz choir will play this energetic music in its own way, so it never sounds exactly the same. Besides the wonderful rhythm, this is one of the main reasons why many choirs choose jazz music in their repertoire.

Jazz instruments and singing

Jazz was originally an American style of music, created as swinging street music. Soon the first jazz bands came into being. Over the years, different musical styles have emerged within jazz music. Characteristic are the different instruments that together can provide a beautiful performance. Think for example of the saxophone, the tuba, the drum and the trombone. And last but not least: the voice! In jazz music, a lot of people are originally singers, making jazz a popular musical genre for choirs.

Jazz songs and artists

In the assortment of ChorusOnline you will find great poppy jazz songs by different artists, such as Adele, Corinne Bailey, Rae, Caro Emerald, Michael Bublé, Norah Jones, Amy Winehouse, Jamie Cullum and Katie Melua. Also check the overview with all the arrangements, where you will find more than a hundred different songs.

Professional jazz arrangements

All of ChorusOnline's jazz arrangements are composed by professionals in the choir & vocal group industry, such as Jetse Bremer, Don Henken, Hans Reintjes and Frank de Vreeze. Listen mainly to the fragments on the arrangements page. You will hear that our arrangements are of high quality.

How does ChorusOnline work?

Ordering at ChorusOnline is very easy. If you download an arrangement for your jazz choir, you will receive the arrangement including sheet music and MP3 practice files in no time via e-mail. The quality of these packages is guaranteed, because we are a team of only professional arrangers.

Of course, if you choose ChorusOnline, you choose a 100% legal arrangement that has been made with the permission of the entitled party (the artist).

Jazz songs and artists

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