Sheet music SATB, SMATB, SSAATB, SSAA and Chorus-LIGHT

It is no surprise to those who sing in a choir: every choir is constructed in it’s own specific way using voice types. If you are looking for choir arrangements for your choir or acappella group, you have to search the type of arrangements that suit your group.


In a mixed choir, both women and men sing. You will often see the indication SATB (incl piano or band) SATB is the abbreviation for Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass. ChorusOnline offers a large number of choral arrangements for mixed choirs.


A SMATB-choir consists of the following musical parties: soprano, mezzo-soprano, Alto, tenor and bass. A SMATB-choir is mixed and consists of both men and women. Also this can again acappella or with a musical accompaniment (piano or combo). ChorusOnline has the right arrangements in line with the voices of your choir.


SSAATB stands for soprano, soprano, Alto, Alto, tenor and bass. A choir with this compound is mixed. Looking for a package for your SSAATB chorus? Look at the packages page!


SSAA stands for soprano, soprano, Alto and alt. In this ensemble sing the first Sopranos the highest musical line, followed by the second Sopranos, Altos and the second the first alten (lowest musical line). A SSAA chorus is a ladies choir. Looking for beautiful repertoire for your women’s choir? View all our packages.

Chorus LIGHT (SAB)

These are beautiful, but slightly simpler arrangements, suitable for women's choir with a small group of men or for (high) schools that also like to sing 2 or 3 part harmony. In this form we have the Sopranos and Altos and only 1 male part (a baritone) where we take the height into account: not too high or low. Everything is neatly balanced so that a beautiful choir sound is created every time.