Upbeat choir songs

Are you part of a choir or are you looking for upbeat choir songs? ChorusOnline has a range of more than 1,300 arrangements, including arrangements for up beat choir songs. We have selected 10 for you!

1. Crazy little thing called love

Queen should not be missing from this list of up beat choir songs so we put this British band at the top. Yes, we are fans ;) Crazy little thing called love was written by Freddie Mercury himself and did you know that he wrote this upbeat choir song in just 10 minutes? We don't know how long it took our arranger Hans Reintjes to put together the arrangement, but buy this cheerful choral song and you will receive a package of VocalTracks!

2. Viva la Vida

Another Britsh band in this list: Coldplay. Although the title of the song is Spanish, Viva la Vida is of course just an English song with some historical and biblical references incorporated here. The level for choirs is: Easy

3. It's a Beautiful day

Another Queen song? No! This up beat choir song was written by Michael Bublé. It's a beautiful day has the following voice distribution: SSATB (incl. Piano combo). The level for choirs is: medium.

4. Wake me up

There are a lot of beautiful and up beat choir songs from Scandinavia. We choose a party number from Avici at #4. The level of this upbeat song is quite difficult and therefore a challenge for choir and conductor. But once you master Wake me up, you're guaranteed to get the audience on board.

5. Waterloo

We stay in Scandinavia for a while because with Abba we have perhaps the most famous artists. Everyone knows of course that Abba has won the Eurovision Song Contest with Waterloo. And although Waterloo dates from 1974, the arrangement of this cheerful choir song is still requested a lot from us. The distribution of votes is: TTBarB and the level is fairly simple.

6. Beat it

In addition to Queen, the King of Pop should not be missing from this list. And because it is a list of upbeat church songs, we choose Beat it. Beat it is on the album 'Thriller' and was written by the King himself and Quincy Jones. It is said that the famous guitar solo was played by Van Halen. The guitar solo will not be heard during your performance. Beat it has a fairly simple level.

7. 99 luftballoons

After English and Dutch, we believe that the German language should also be included in this list. Everyone knows Nena's 99 balloons. It is a cheerful choral song of an average level. Perhaps the German text is a challenge, so we have added English lyrics to the arrangement.

8. I feel good

Those who are happy shout it from the rooftops: I feel good! This wonderfully cheerful choral song is of course by James Brown who already released it in 1965. The arrangement has been composed by Roel Griffioen with a voice distribution SATB acappella. For choirs the level of this sheet music is: average

9. Budapest

Perhaps not known to everyone, but this beautiful up beat choral song. Budapest is a love song is written by George Ezra. The arrangement is composed by Carol Canning. For choirs, this song is easy.

10. Girl

This list ends with a Dutch artist. Singer Anouk released the song Girl in November 2004. The arrangement for the up beat choral song is composed by Frank de Vreeze. The level for choirs: average. Good luck ;)

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